SHAPING FUNCTION; New Method & New Option in 11 11 11
Susan Updated; March 31, 2016


The Shaping Function (found on the Main Menu page) has a new method of use.

There is a new way to enter one of the Neurotransmitters / Hormone signatures into the tray.  This program was not intended to use the corresponding numbers 1 – 44 to represent the Neurotransmitters.  We see the written word LOVE instead of the number 44, as it gives an example of how to use it.  That goes without mentioning that the word LOVE is always there by default and is being used automatically unless the Shaping Function settings are changed or adjusted.

Option 1

  • Drag and drop any one of the Neurotransmitters / Hormone signatures into the tray
  • Now adjust your reward percentage or leave it at 85
  • Click “Engage”

Option 2

The tray only holds one item pulled from the list at a time (previously by Dbl Clicking) this has never changed.  Some thought that each time they Dbl Clicked (previous method) it was adding another.  It did not, each Dbl Click only replaced the former one entered.  The only way to add multiple items is to type them.  In order to do this you must make the field editable by right clicking.  Right click on the tray where you see the default word LOVE, in order to “edit”.

  • Right clicking on the tray will highlight the word “LOVE” once it is highlighted you can erase and/or type.
  • Now you are also able to type the names of the Neurotransmitters and double space between each word.
  • Type each one with the full name (include all text to the left of the vertical line which separates it from the description)
  • Don’t use the number to represent, as this does not allow for the hololinguistic affect.
  • If you drag and drop or attempt to dbl Click on a Neurotransmitter/Hormone it resets the tray back to its non-editable form again.  You can always right click again to undo this.

Dragging the item uses the electrical form of the signature and the typed words uses the hololinguistic form, but some like the benefit of being able to use several even though it will be hololinguistic.

New Option; Stream Hormone Start

  • Click “Increase Width”
  • “Stream Hormone Start” program opens
  • The tray for this program works in the same way as described for the Shaping Function.  However this one was designed for use with the actual electrical form of the signature, meaning, ideally you need to make a choice and drag the item into the tray
  • Set the Time
  • Click “Stream Hormone Start” to begin sending the signature for training


If you go to the NLP program and open the “Mental Factors + Emotion Chart”

  • Click “Make Emotion Chart”
  • Click “Value of Neurotransmitters”
  • Close and return to the Shaping Function
  • Now you will see the Neurotransmitter list in Value order in this location as well
  • Now drag and drop highest reactive item into the tray

You can scroll to the right if you wish to verify the reactive value.

Another great link for you to go to is from the event called Quantum Revitalization Day.  There were workshops done around Canada when QWV received the HC License and INDIGO’s could finally be delivered to customers who had waited so long.  Click Here to find videos on the Simply Indigo program, Anti Smoking Program, Eternale for Indigo and more.

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