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NOTE:  Please familiarize yourself with all the documents pertaining to this new version and changed programs or button names to prepare you for your first client session.  There are many new programs and features that you will want to explore.  Note: PDF file “What’s New Clasp32?” www.thequantumacademies.com based on what is new or changed since the 7 7 06 was released.

The 5 5 09 is the official FDA compliant version, released by Budapest Home Office, for The Quantum Alliance.  The Clasp32 software has continually evolved and many additional programs and features have been development since the early years.   Recent scrutiny (of the industry) has drawn attention to terminology and expressions used in the software that were not filed with the initial paper work to register the device.  This has initiated many button name changes and some program changes.  The word subspace has also been replaced with the word virtual, so be sure to adopt that expression. If you live in the USA or any other country with the same verbiage restrictions you will notice that the Auto Focus Bio-Resonance Zap, Dark Field Analysis Library and Electro Physiological Oscillation Freq (formerly ‘EEG, ECG Freq’), seem to be missing.  If you have noticed that you are missing certain training program options it due to this reason.  When your country setting (Password Screen) is USA for example your software will be in compliance with the FDA.  If you choose to change these settings you will be doing so at your own discretion.  We must impress upon you that it is very important that you comply with these settings and the FDA restrictions especially if you are doing a demo for a prospective buyer or are demoing the device for a group.  Always be sure to use the correct language and terminology (taught at the academies and in your coaching course) when you address your clients.

PASSWORD  The Password screen now has an drop down list for the country selection.  Unless Planet Earth is selected certain program buttons may not appear.  Prof Nelson added Planet Earth to allow you to by-pass some of the above mentioned restrictions, where allowed.  However, when you use USA in the country field you will be practicing in compliance, which is important for the viability of the industry.  Remember clients should not be viewing your screen and you must use the correct terminology (stress reduction training, training programs, biofeedback stress reactions, relaxation training, muscle reeducation, sending the frequency of an energetic signature, biofeedback reactivity, etc)

IMPORTANT  After the new software is loaded it is very important to enter the device serial number in the interface type during the activation process.  You must use a capital SX and immediately after the X the 10 digit serial number (just as it is displayed on the back of your device box).  If you forget to connect or turn on your SCIO before starting Clasp32 you may get an error message if you try to click “Search for SCIO”.  The message may say that the 2nd or 3rd serial number is wrong.  This may also happen if you had a freeze-up and closed out using ctrl alt del or got booted out and forgot to reset the SCIO (turn off and back on) before reopening the Clasp32 program.  You may have to reenter the serial number and interface type.  There seem to be possible program problems if this is not done.  You may have to redo this whenever you have improperly shut down to avoid certain lock-ups.

This version is best used with your SCIO device connected.  If the device is not connected you may encounter a freeze upon Testing.

There is a countdown programmed into this version meaning you must reconnect the device to avoid reverting to DEMO mode.  There is a notice on the bottom of the Calibration screen to reconnect the SCIO device every 10 sessions.  So keep this in mind if you travel without your device.

It is recommended that you use a “test client” and run a few vigorous “Trial Sessions” after the install.

While testing the software we have noticed in the first few initial sessions that there were often several error messages and possible freeze-ups.  However, the frequency of them would subside after a few trial sessions have been run.  Make sure to always turn off the SCIO device and reboot the computer between sessions.  Many of the error messages like ‘access violation…’ or ‘grid index out of bounds’ can be clicked Ok and you can often continue without difficulty.  Another excellent tool for dealing with the potential problems is using he Alt and F4 as explained in the next few segments.

CALIBRATION  The “Add Client Picture” feature now works very well!   After loading the picture a message will appear “Fast Track Calibration is next, Reenter to Reset” Click ok to the message.  To leave and reenter Calibration hold down the Alt key and then press the F4 key (only hold the F4 key down briefly).  This takes you back out to the Main menu.   Select Calibration again to reenter and then do the Fast Track Calibration.

DEMOGRAPHICS  When entering a new client for the first time a calendar will pop up to be used for entering the clients birth month and day.  Use arrows on the top of the Calendar to select the month and then you can click on the day to select it.  The automatic default will put in the current year.  To change it to the actual birth year of the client simply click on the highlighted year and start typing in the four digit year of birth.  Do not backspace or erase the default year as this does not work, just type directly on it.

TEST (TRAINING PROCESS)  The Twelve Ways of Good Health are no longer displayed while the test is in process, instead the Varhope and a Virtruvian Man image shows number reactions that change as the test is taking place.  When complete the next panel reveals the Blue Info Report with the Varhope results.

Very Important….Be sure to click ‘Load New Info Report’.  DO NOT click ‘Remove Info’ wait until the results have loaded and the Matrix appears.  Now it is ok to click “Remove Info”.  If  you fail to do this you will not be correctly loading the test items in the matrix, which will cause error messages in the program.

RISK PROFILE  There have been several reports of the Risk Profile hanging after the initial click to “Load Current Patient/then click on the areas of concern” the report load report this occurs when the next two messages do not come forward.  “Emotions Aggravations Risks…Etc Loaded”   “Click on the highest risk area…use virtual dr.” In this situation you are actually not frozen as you will notice a gong noise (if your sound is on) while trying to click anything on that Panel.  Try using the Alt key, by holding it down and then press the F4 key and you can usually get free.   Don’t hold the F4 down too long as it can sometimes boot you right out of Clasp32 altogether.  This issue with Risk Profile is more likely to occur if you have opened the Body Viewer first or if you paused too long before clicking ‘Load Current Patient’.

BODYVIEWER AND IRID  Upon opening the Bodyviewer from the task bar a message will appear, click ok. Sometimes an error message may occur.  Click Ok on the error message and it will proceed to open the Body viewer.  This seems to be more likely to occur if you have not run a test first.  The Irid program must be opened independently of the Bodyviewer.  It will also be accessible on the same SCIO drop down menu that you activated 3D bodyviewer.  When You select IRID it will drop to the Task Bar.

ALARM CORRECTION  When doing an Alarm Correction you do not get the message inside the red Varhope panel indicating that it is correcting the alarm.  The message Alarm Corrected does not appear, either.  The alarm will have corrected within 10-15 seconds after initiating the correction.  Double click on the background of the Red Varhope to remove it from the screen or use the close button on the bottom right (yellow background Virtruvian Man) and continue.

QUICK THERAPY – MUSCLE RE-EDUCATION FOR ATHLETES  This is now an auto focusing program so be aware of this if you were accustomed to using it at the end of a session it can run anywhere from 2.5 to 6.5 minutes or more.  If it seems to take a long time you are probably not frozen just wait for it to complete.


DISCLAIMER PANEL (superimposed over the Main Matrix screen) This panel shows buttons that have had name changes. See (What is New Clasp32 PDF and 5 5 09 Clasp32 Changes Doc.)  The newest program is the last button listed …EMG EEG ECG GSR Biofeedback Chart.  This is a client interactive program where the client must relax and deepen their breathing to make the % in purple bars recede.   To activate it first choose a program choice under AFE and then click start.

If this panel has been closed in order to proceed to TEST/TRAIN you can retrieve it again for by going to Programs / Biofeedback.

BIOTERAIN  This program has a ‘Therapy’ Training Button that now works!  It runs 3 min.

DISEASE DICTIONARY  When Loading the DD a message appears “Silent Mode is active, you wont see any red lights on the SCIO” This is to let you know that any DD training programs you activate will be running in the background.  The Device Lights work with the Clasp32 and special SCIO/AFE programs.

DD sound seems to occasionally override the mute button on the computer.  Be sure to select the option …“If Checked Mute Dictionary Music” before activating the “Auto  Treat/Train” button in ‘Electro Acu Bioresonance’.

SPECIAL SCIO OR AFE PROGRAMS  The new SCIO programs have a little more of a delay as they are loading.  If you happen to be working with the new “SCIO Degeneration or Sport Anti Inflammation 1 2 3 4 cascade programs” or any of the SCIO/AFE programs be patient after you click on one.  Once clicked, the SCIO is Working will appear on your screen for a moment and then disappear, it takes a moment for the SCIO is Working panel to reappear.  Please wait or you may freeze the SCIO if you try to click the button and give the same command again.  Also upon finishing and ending these types of training programs a message will appear to wait for SCIO lights to turn off, click ok, then close, then ok to the message again and the SCIO is Working will close.


Some Programs that have timers may give you an ‘invalid integer’ error message if you erase the 0 in the timer and enter a number.  In these cases just type the number you want to set the timer for without erasing the 0.

When doing some of the special functions like testing an item against certain Matrix filters or doing the 4 echos you may encounter a message “Grid Index out of Bounds” again just click Ok and proceed.  Sometimes this will occur on the first echo but not on the others.  Again this usually does not cause a problem other than the error message appearing, you can click ok and usually proceed as normal wherever you may see this message.

When working in the Universal Biofeedback Therapies program you may get a message ‘Warning there is a POSSIBLE Personality Oppression Spirit Superimposition Energetically Detected’  There are three options to address it.  It is highly advisable not to click any of the options but to leave the message on the screen until you have completed the particular training program you started (ie., Auto Trivector, Auto Frequency, Auto Varhope, etc). Sometimes selecting the ‘Correct Personality Aberration” will not allow you to close the current program even though it has completed.  To avoid this don’t click ‘continue, correct, or quit’, complete current program, close it and return to the main Universal Biofeedback Therapy screen (where the  primary and secondary programs are revealed).  The ‘Possible Personality Opression’… box should still be present and now you can try one of the three options to address it.

If you are struggling with any of the idiosyncrasies of the new software please call Support Central for assistance.  The team is familiar with many of the error messages and has tips for many of the programs notorious for potential lock-ups in the new version.  They can advise you and walk you through some of these techniques so that you can continue with your session without having to close out.

Support Central

877-388-3003 or 403-228-1141

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Please inform the technical and navigation team of any irregularities you encounter with this version so we can continually provide feedback to Prof Nelson and his programmers.

email; support@thequantumalliance.com