How Do The Special "SCIO" AFE Training Programs Work?

The Special SCIO or AFE Training Programs are found in different parts of the Clasp32 software. 

They can be recognized by the word SCIO or AFE in the name. 

These are only available when your EPFX/SCIO device is connected to your computer.

They are different from other Training Protocols as they need to be activated from within the ‘SCIO IS WORKING’ Box.  If you chose the “SCIO Superlearning” for example, the SCIO IS WORKING Box would be displayed on your screen and would stay there, actually doing nothing, until you click the “Start Superlearing” button.


AFE stands for Auto Focusing Emphasis.

All special SCIO programs operate in this way.   It involves a constant biofeedback loop with the client.  This determines the client’s particular needs in terms of:


 Panels having special SCIO Training Programs:

Several panels in the program have additional SCIO Programs (any button that has SCIO or AFE in the name). Some of these are found on:


Using Special SCIO Training Programs

Once you have selected one of these SCIO Training Programs, the SCIO is Working box comes up. Click on the top border of the SCIO IS WORKING Box, and, without releasing the click, drag it up so that the whole panel is fully visible.

Click on the “Start (name of program)” button in the lower white section of the SCIO IS WORKING box.

At the bottom right, you will notice 000.  When rectification begins, these numbers will change.  At first you will see a rectification of 60 and it will then gradually proceed to 100.  You can expect anywhere from a few to several minutes before rectifying. 

If you have a freeze-up trying to close a Special SCIO Training Program:

If you get a situation where you are caught in a loop and the pop up keeps repeating after clicking close, the following is a little trick you can try:



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