SQLite Disease Dictionary Cocktails
Susan Updated; March 31, 2016

Making a DD Cocktail

When you add a new item into Disease Dictionary it is not saving the added info into Homeopathy+Phyto Therapy because of the changes in the new SQLite Software.   For some reason the new SQLite software does not allow you to add the new item and make the cocktail all in one process.   So you have to do it in this two part process, closing the DD in between.
Here is what you need to do to get around this;

Open the DD

Right Click anywhere on the actual DD Matrix where the items are stored

A small window appears giving you the opportunity to enter a new Condition/Concern /Stressor (hololiguistically) to the Disease Dictionary.

Click Ok

Click Yes

This newly added entry will appear on the Disease Dictionary list


I advise that you make it obvious to yourself, which items are the ones you added, so you can differentiate these from the authentic DD items (non-hololinguistic).  For example don’t write it in all capital letters.

The reason for this recommendation is that you will only be able to use your entries with the Homeopathy + Phyto Therapy choice.

If you need to edit or delete a particular entry, first click on the item to highlight it and then right click to see your options and follow the prompts

With this SQLite version you have to add the item to the DD matrix first and then…..

Close the DD fully

Reopen the DD from the task bar

Find the new item you just entered in the DD (listed alphabetically)

Click on it to highlight it

Choose Homeopathy + Phytotherapy

Click Ok- Reveal Text

In the blank white panel you can enter any words, matrix item numbers, etc. that you wish to use to create for this particular “cocktail”.  Double space between each of the entries.

Click Edit (Top Menu)

Click Save

This will then save the added words, matrix numbers, etc. to this particular entry.

Tip: When you update your software or reinstall these are not automatically saved.  You will need to save your new item name and these entries in a word doc. somewhere externally, so that after an install or update you can reenter these manually

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