Support Central Coverage Fees / Renewals

Support Central Renewal

Below the information posted here you will find the downloadable PDF of the Support Central Flyer.  This shows the Support Central coverage packages that are available to purchase.

Why do I need to pay?

This new Support Renewal program is about sustainability for the entire community of device owners.  Since 2009 all New Device sales have one year of Support Central Coverage and all trade ins to INDIGO have 6 months of coverage.  Previous device owners were grandfathered for several more years, before this change.

Also since 2009 several new, behind the scenes, systems and improvements were purchased and implemented;

Robust Database system

  • Customer Database
  • Sales Database; tracking and inventory
  • Call Tracking software – customer call history
  • Financial Management (CO-OP programs and Payment Plans)

Remote Support Systems- Logmein123/TeamViewer

Marketing Materials – all free to download

Device Electrical Efficacy testing and documentation (INDIGO)

Extensive Software Program Development

In the years prior to 2009, Support Central had to be manned with Technical personnel 24/7 in order to provide the type of support our systems required.  All aspects of activation and program troubleshooting were performed manually by walking the practitioner through the screens over the phone.  Calls were lengthy and time consuming and totally hinged on the computer skill level of the practitioner needing the support.  Also prior to 2010 the program had ongoing technical issues that resulted in each problem having to be resolved one at a time.  This is no longer the case since the advent of the 2010 SQLite software versions.  These nagging issues have now been resolved due to the effort and resources poured into updating the the older program’s database foundation.

So, after considerable evaluation, this type of personnel manning became far too costly to maintain, and the pool of qualified support practitioners that were also technically trained was very limited within the surrounding area.  In our effort to continue to provide the same level of service, we had to turn to technology for the “must have” system critical requirements.  The most important “must haves” in our eyes were, activation, program updates and downloads.  Turning to technology was the most efficient and cost effective way to go for the future, unfortunately, it is laden with upfront costs; costs that could never be recovered in our current support configuration.

What happened to 24/7 Support?

24/7 Support is still available, however, it has transitioned into a technological form.  The most important issues that support would routinely handle are now accessible to you, without having to pick up the phone.  What are they?

  • Online Activation (QX Ltd.)
  • Clasp32 program download (QX Ltd.)
  • Clasp32 Update Tool or Service Packs
  • INDIGO Update Tool
  • Support Email Advisories containing detailed instructions
  • Zendesk FAQ repository of Knowledge Base articles
  • Automated Client Back-up & Restore during updates
  • QC Client Backup/Restore Tool

Everyone continues to have access to 24/7 support via the tools listed above.  Some of the above tools are not TQA produced as in the Clasp32 Software download (Qx Ltd.).  We have taken great efforts, with most of these tools, to provide you with basic and some advanced support.  This will always be available to all TQA practitioners.

If you choose not to purchase a Support Central package you will always have comprehensive Self Help available online 24/7.  Should a technical problem arise due to a program update provided by TQA,  or you encounter something that is not correctable by using one of the tools or following the instructions provided by a Support Central email, you always have the option to contact support.  A Support Technician will then advise you of your options and/or direct you to any  instructions outlined  to resolve a known issue, but they will not remote into your system and fix it for you, or stay on the line to talk you through the process.  That level of service will only be available through our renewal packages.  With that being said, always know that should a technical problem arise from our end (TQA); we will provide the resolution and support to correct it as quickly as possible.

Susan Harms
Mon-Fri 8-4 MST
800-388-2033 ext 1
To Get Remote Help:

Download;  TeamViewer