Support Central Renewal Packages

Note: This is currently not being enforced due to current climate.

Below this information is a downloadable PDF of the Support Central Flyer.   This new Support Renewal program is about sustainability for the entire community of device users.

 Example of the cost to you…

These packages provide you with full Remote Technical Support.  You do not have to know anything about computers, all you have to do is have your computer online and be able to go to a link that will allow us to connect with you remotely.

Six Months Support Central Coverage for $199.00

Twelve Months Support Central Coverage for $275.00.

  • That calculates to as little as $22.91 a month for 12 months!  Today that is barely the cost of one person dinning out at a casual restaurant.

We also offer a Pay per occurrence.  See the Support Central Flyer for details …

We have structured these Support packages to provide powerful support at a fair and economical price.

Thank you for your understanding