System Out of Scope Guidelines For Support Central Coverage

System Out of Scope Guidelines

“System Out of Scope” (SOS) charges are established for systems (PC and device) that are outside of the standard recommended system requirements and configuration.

The following is a partial list of situations that fall within the “System Out of Scope” arena due to the advanced level of technical expertise and length of time required to resolve.  As time goes on other unique situations that fall into this category, will be identified and added to this list.  Any SOS charge will be advised of and agreed upon by the owner before service begins.

Virtual Machine Ware – Windows OS that require VM Ware installation in order to load Clasp32 or INDIGO programs.

We do not support Virtual Machines due to the difficulty of added factors such as device connectivity, driver issues (OS).  They are notorious for crashing and online updating cannot be performed due to this type of a configuration.

Only advanced users and Experienced Virtual Machine users should attempt this, as it is NOT supported. The following are examples of VM’s;

  • Virtual Box
  • Virtual PC
  • VM Ware
  • Parallels


Macintosh – MAC systems must be configured with intermediary programs (i.e. Parallels/Bootcamp) in which the Windows OS must be installed in order to load the Clasp32 or INDIGO programs.

MAC – Prerequisites

  • Bootcamp Only
  • Windows must be already installed (XP/Win7)
  • Bootcamp Drivers must be installed on Windows
  • *No guarantee that MAC will work correctly.*
  • We support the Clasp32/Indigo Software and SCIO/INDIGO Device Hardware ONLY

QXCI – Configuring systems to recognize, as well as, be able to communicate with the outdated QX hardware properly through port adapters.

QXCI – Prerequisites

  • No MAC or VISTA Computers with QXCI (does not work)
  • Computer must meet minimum specs for newest SQLite software
  • Only works on 32 bit computers
  • Must have the device registered with QXsubspace and know username and password for QXsubspace website.
  • Must know computer Port Type (PCIMCIA Slot) SPP100/SPPXP and must have the correct connection card/device to make this work.

See other posts on getting your computer to recognize the QXCI

Special Note:

Support Central requires that you have and know how to get your computer on line with an internet connection in order to recieve remote assistance.  Troubleshooting for your home or office networks and internet connections is not supported.

Internet Connectivity – Falls under the responsibility of the owner. We can help once you are online and can connect wtih us.

Tips- Many times connectivity issues are simply caused by a wireless switch has not been enabled. If the PC connects to the internet at other locations but not at a particular site, that will be a specific configuration only that site uses.  Please contact the administrator of that location for further assistance.