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The “Temporal Anomaly detected” message seems to be coming up in the software for many people today 2 /22 / 2016. I believe that many of these are programmed to appear on certain auspicious dates for everyone and may also appear on certain astrological alignments. Typically it appears on the first day of Mercury retrograde and we certainly need help with that ;-)

If you get the message about Temporal Anomaly detected and you would like to be able to run the button for it, you will typically need to close the Calibration screen first and then reenter Calibration. If you typically use the Computer Risk Field Neutralization on the Calibration screen you will only need to close Calibration reenter and open that panel again. Today it took me 2 attempts to close Calibration and reopen the Computer Risk Field Neutralization panel to get the Temporal Anomaly button to appear. Sometimes it can appear even if you do not run the “Check Room for Geopathic Stress”. In this case I had to actually run that first, before I got the “Train Temporal Anomaly” button to appear inside the Computer Risk Field Neutralization panel.

Another thing to note about this is that depending on the screen resolution those that are not using the recommended resolution will not only have trouble getting the Check Room for Geopathic Stress button, but may not be able to access the Train Temporal Anomaly button at all. They may only be able to get a tiny bit of the left edge of the button showing for the Check Room for Geopathic Stress. The other button may be totally hidden behind the Calibration Harness panel with the columns for the values of MIN / MAX / AVG , which will be covering various degrees of the Computer Risk Field Neutralization panel contents. There is no way to correct this without the proper screen resolution.

Computer Specifications can be found https://www.quantumworldvision.com/services/computer-specifications/