The Quantum Encyclopedia includes 2,600 pages of:

BONUS: Your purchase of the Quantum Encyclopedia will also include the 850 page A-Z Protocols manual at no additional charge!

The A-Z Protocols Manual is a must-have reference guide for any SCIO, EDUCTOR or INDIGO practitioner with more than 350 topics covered in more than 800 pages of detailed stress reduction protocols at your fingertips! This manual will assist you in taking the guesswork out of your sessions and will help you in easily navigating through each stress reduction protocol.

These 2 manuals provides nearly 3,500 pages of information, how-to’s; protocols and methods of addressing issues and concerns. Incredible value!

The great part of these 2 manuals is because they are PDF’s and with any PDF reader program, there is a “Find” or “Search” button. All you need to so is type-in any issue you want help with and it shows you exactly where whatever you typed in is located in the manual.

These manuals are electronic PDF’s and not a hard copy printed books. The manuals will be emailed to you, not sent to your physical address.