How Do I Upgrade to a new version of Clasp32?

Susan Updated; April 13, 2016

NOTE: If you have files you want to save, back them up!  These would include; your Client Data files, any Added Test Matrix Items, Prayer Files, your Add to Faculty and DD cocktails.  If you have any programs that change your matrix (ie. Gage’s Matrix Project) you may have to reload it after the install.  You cannot load the older Gage Matrix on the new SQLite software.  A solution is being worked on for this.

Please be aware of the following:Computer Specifications needed for the New SQLite Software.

Installing the Newer SCIO Clasp32 Version

The online download from the Budapest website  will uninstall the older version on your computer and install OVER it while converting the older Borland database client files, but there is always a chance of loosing them if something goes wrong.

Should you wish to do a nice clean uninstall/install you can use these instructions, but they only relate to uninstalling previous Older Borland Database Versions (Prior to 2009).  If you manually save the files you want to keep they would still need to be converted to use with the new SQLite Database software.

It is best to do all these steps. However, if you are particularly uncomfortable with computers and you don’t have anyone to help you, please call Support Central for assistance.

  • Click on the Start button (at the bottom of your screen) .
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Double-click on Add or Remove Programs
  • Click on Clasp32 Database Engine Install
  • Click on Change or Remove button.
  • Click on Yes, then Yes to all(if it appears) and then OK.

The next highlighted program on the list is your current version of Clasp32 Install (date).

  • Click on Change/Remove
  • Click on Next, then Finish, then Yes.

If you have an even older version of Clasp32, it will appear highlighted next on the list.  Follow the above steps to remove. Close out of all windows and Restart your computer.

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