Updating from 3 3 10, 5 5 10 or 7 7 10 to the 5 5 11 Version (using the Update Tool)



These instructions are for those who have previously purchased and installed the newer software from an Enhanced Installation DVD, which would have put a Clasp32 Update Tool Icon on your desktop.  It facilitates “automatic” online updating of the latest software changes.  This allows you to do this on a regular basis without having to purchase new DVD’s each time a new version of the software is released.


As always plan plenty of time (when you don’t have clients scheduled) and time well ahead of Support Central closing hours to get help in case you need it. If you already know that you have a poor or inconsistent internet connection (have experienced problems with previous downloads of this type).


This process is ONLY for those who currently have 3 3 10++ or 5 5 10 or 7 7 10 already installed!

Anyone with software earlier than 3 3 10 will need to call Support Central for further instructions.  You will be asked to check your computer specifications, order a disk and make sure ALL the Prerequisites are done first!  This will have to be done first before you can proceed any further.

MAC computers are not in our Specifications.  If you decide to use a MAC you may be referred elsewhere for Support.  Anyone with a Virtual Machine or parallels may need assistance, avoid raided and partitioned systems.  None of these are recommended and will cause support complications

(If you are still currently using any of the 09 or earlier software versions and wish to update please call Support Central for further instructions as there may be several things to take into consideration computer specifications, prerequisites and ordering the software on disk).


Running the Indigo Update Tool


OPENING the Indigo program:

 If there are any error messages  (besides the known access violation one on opening the 5 5 11)  when you attempt to open Clasp32 or Indigo program please DO THE UPDATE TOOL DOWNLOAD PROCESS AGAIN.

Most problems are due to an improper download.  Many have had to do it several times.  When you can open the program it will be a good indication that you have been successful.


Password Screen;

You will need to carefully enter your name (misspellings require a reinstall to correct) and country (select Planet Earth for full functionality).


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to properly apply the appropriate Matrix changes that are so important in this update, please do the following;

1)      After the download is complete (and activated if necessary) proceed to the Main Matrix Screen.  Go System Power Settings and at the bottom of the list you will see a new option “Potency Equalizer”.  You MUST click this before you run the Test Function.  Once this has been checked (you will see a check mark in front) the computer will memorize and it will remain checked for all subsequent installs on that computer.  If you failed to do this it can be done at anytime and will apply the next time a Test is run and any that follow thereafter.

2)      For INDIGO users reading this, please double check to make sure you have Gage’s Matrix activated in the software.  Go to “Order of Remedies” on the top menu bar of the Main Matrix Screen.  Look at the bottom of the list.  If you see “Nelson matrix activation” it is already done, if you see “GT matrix activation” instead this is an indication that it has not yet been done.  Simply click on this and click ‘ok’ to the message and restart the software, before you run a session.

STEP FIVE (Optional)

Ordering a Disk

For those that procrastinate and do not do the updates regularly, just remember that as files get added to the Update Tool the download becomes larger.  So there is the potential of ending up with sizable, time consuming download, with more risk of failure.  So as always, do updates when there is a new one and plan plenty of time when you have no clients scheduled to make sure that all goes well.  If you already know that you have a poor or inconsistent internet connection (usually experienced failed downloads or corrupt files etc.) you should considering ordering an Enhanced Installation DVD, which can be ordered from…The Quantum Center of Excellence 

If you are unsure of any of the steps or have any questions at all please call us, but please be aware that Support Central Renewal Fees are in affect.

Support Central  

800 388 2033 ext. 1

Mon-Fri 7-7 MST

Sat- Sun 10-4 MST (some Holidays)




The beauty of this Update Tool is that it will recognize which files were installed and which ones are still needed.  So if you attempt to do it again you will not be starting all over.  Just close the window and click the Update Tool again and start the download once more.

The length of time is takes depends on your internet bandwidth and speed.  It also depends on the last time you updated.  If you did not update for several versions, expect it to take some time.   For those that procrastinate and do not do the updates regularly and as more things get added to the Update Tool the download becomes bigger.  So there is the potential of ending up with a very large download.  Again a good high speed wired internet connection is a must for best results.

Security warnings and Firewalls;

If you get security warnings attempting to use the Update Tool you may have to click “allow” in order to continue.  Some of these warnings only give you so many seconds to respond.  If you don’t catch it you may have to close and retry again.

Also if you manage to get partway through the downloading and you get prompted with a warning message you may need to check your firewall settings as the firewall may be preventing the download.