Warrior Stim and The Zone (New Options in version 11 11 11)
Susan Updated; January 23, 2016
Warrior Stim;

This new program is found on the Muscular Re-education for Athletes panel.  It brings together a balance of some of the top athletic stress reduction programs.  The two athlete Cascade Prograns (1,2,3,4) are brought into play here meaning we have a little focus on both Anti inflammation/Injury stress reduction as well as muscle reeducation for performance enhancement. It also consists of a combination of energetic signatures with an overall stress reduction focus for enhancing athletic performance to the highest degree possible.  The warrior analogy was used because a warrior uses both body and mind in harmony to gain victory over great challenges, master amazing feats, with a devotion to causes greater than themselves and over any personal relationship gains. Some of the qualities of a good warrior are alert awareness, stamina, endurance, strength, speed, courage, discipline, focus, concentration and clearness of mind and thought.


This option acts like a piggy back for the Muscular Re-education for Athletes program.  You can use the arrow to set the brain function to the area where you feel the client needs more balancing towards.  Some of us use more left brain than right, so move the bar more to the left if there is a tendency to too much right brain use (more rare) or more to the right if there is a tendency for too much left brain use.  You can also leave it in the center for focus on being in “The ZONE”.  However, it is designed to have an autofocusing element and often resets it to the far right after a program is finished.  It can be reset as required before the next training option is applied.

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